So the Disrupt 100 index was announced today acknowledging the top 100 companies with the potential to disrupt global markets. The index is compiled by Tällt Ventures, a global data-intelligence and innovation company.

We are so excited because our med-tech startup Dr CADx, which is applying artificial intelligence to assist doctors make faster and more accurate diagnoses, was recognised as one of the top 100 innovators with potential to influence, change and disrupt global markets in this year’s Disrupt 100 index.

Also exciting was seeing that Tanzanian startup Jamii, we got to meet through the Seedstars Summit, was ranked at an impressive number 5. Congrats!!!

In the paragraphs below are the ranking and profiles of all the 6 African ventures who were named as a leading global innovators in 2017 Disrupt 100.


Jamii is using technology and digitalisation to improve people’s lives. Essentially, Jamii is a micro-health insurance product for those who work in the informal sector, the economy of which is neither taxed nor monitored by the government. They offer eight different cover levels, depending on the number of people in a family. Once a person has insurance, they can then receive hospital services within their policy limit. It also covers dental, eye and maternity treatment and funeral expenses.



mPedigree is using mobile and web technologies in securing medical products against faking and counterfeiting. More than 2,000 people die annually from falsified and sub-standard medicines. By powering partnerships, as well as delivering cutting-edge supply chain transformation technologies, mPedigree renders services to the world’s leading pharmaceutical and consumable companies with the shared goal of protecting consumers, enriching their lives and transforming their communities through a cleaner and better supply chain.



Matibabu is a non-invasive diagnostic kit used to detect malaria. It utilises customer-made hardware that is connected to a smartphone to give a malaria diagnosis. Traditional testing requires using needles to draw blood but the Matibabu app uses a light sensor to detect malaria from white blood cells. If the light intensity is not affected, the result is negative, if the light intensity is affected, it’s a positive result and the app sends an alert to the patient and their doctor.


#48 Dr CADx

Dr CADx is a computer-aided diagnostic system that helps doctors diagnose medical images more accurately and at a low cost. It can also be used in place of doctors and radiologists in places where there aren’t any. Studies have shown the diagnostic accuracy of radiologists to be roughly 70%. As a result, of the 3.6 billion medical images taken each year, about 1 billion scans are misdiagnosed, resulting in patients frequently failing to get the right treatment on time, leading to undue suffering and even death. Dr CADx has developed a prototype that currently works with chest X-rays to diagnose TB and lung cancer, and achieves an accuracy of 82%.



Sanivation is a social enterprise dedicated to improving the health and environment of urbanising communities in East Africa through clean, safe and efficient sanitation services. The company installs modern container-based toilets in people’s homes for free and charges a small monthly fee to service them. Then, instead of dumping the waste, it transforms it into a clean-burning alternative to charcoal. This allows families living in urbanising communities throughout East Africa to live a modern and healthy life.


#52 FUZU

Fuzu is Africa’s fastest-growing career community. It’s a website and app, offering people access to job recommendations as well as education and career guidance. There are thousands of jobs on the site, ranging from entry to executive level, and applying is quick and easy. Jobs are recommended to people on the basis of their interests, experience, skills and career goals. The site also offers hundreds of free online courses to help people build their skills. Staying up to date with new jobs and market information is easy via its fresh blog posts, daily news and lively discussions.

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